My favorite part of my teams is always seeing the team create lasting friendships! It’s such a great opportunity to meet like minded people you may not have met otherwise! You could meet your best friend or your future college roommate! It’s so great to be able to branch out of your friend group at the end of high school and add to your senior year memories and get support and advice from people with different perspectives. You’ll have opportunities to hang out with new team members for photoshoots, meet ups, and other team events and just unwind from the craziness of senior year.

senior session

Ahhhh, duh, your senior session. It will be the best. First off, by the time you get to your senior session you'll be a PRO. You won't be nervous, you'll know what to do, and that means your photos will be AMAZING. 

You will get the full Olivia Renee Senior Experience. The custom designed photoshoot.
The hair and makeup.
The perfect locations.
The portrait reveal.

And then you'll have a full portfolio full of images to select from!


Want to feel like an Instagram influencer? Your photos will be used in marketing & social media and you’ll be the face of my brand for the Class of 2022. You’ll be there for your friends if they have questions about the Senior Experience with Olivia Renee and you may even be able to offer them some extra perks. 

apply for team TWENTY Two

Yessss, so glad you want to apply for the Olivia Renee Senior Team!

Here is the link to submit your application!

the deadline is november 15 @ 11:59pm!

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