"This year on Team Twenty was a whole lot of fun! There’s nothing better than being able to get together with a fun group of girls and a fun photographer to take awesome pictures and empower each other along the way! Shoot after shoot, you gain confidence and become more comfortable with yourself in front of a camera thanks to the environment Olivia creates and from the team!"



"Team 21 was an amazing experience for me. The shoots gave me something to look forward too, sometimes weeks in advance. Shooting with Olivia gave me so much confidence and a self image boost. Not only was Olivia so much fun to work with, but the girls on Team 21 were incredible. It was so much better shooting with a group of friends! I will always remember my time being a part of Team 21 as something that was a time full of positivity and empowerment."

"My experience on Team 21 was truly the amazing. I loved every second of it. I got to meet so many cool girls from all over Oregon and take photos in the sickest places. Having a reason to shop for new clothes, take cute pictures, hang out with the girls and look all pretty was something I constantly got to look forward to with Team 21 and I absolutely loved that feeling."



from the team


" I L O V E D project beauty. It made me feel so confident in my looks and I honestly haven't felt self conscious about them since then. I was very happy with the results."



"Project Beauty was the shoot that made me feel the most beautiful. The other shoots are SO fun but project beauty was just so refined and elegant. Seeing those photos of myself helped me love me for me!"

"My experience with Project Beauty was really great and made me more confident. Getting photos done of myself with no makeup at all made me a little nervous at first, but after I saw the photos I became a lot more confident in myself. During the shoot, Olivia made me feel really confident and I felt like that really helped with the outcome of the photos."



from the team


"APPLY! I was nervous about how the whole experience would be but I can tell you it is more than I ever imagined. Team Twenty-One will be something I will remember for the rest of my life."



"If you don't apply, you'll regret it. Being on Olivia's team has brought me so much joy and confidence and I've learned so much about myself. It really is an amazing opportunity to meet life long friends and discover what true beauty really means through the example of the amazing people around you."

"Do it!! I was pretty nervous at first but it really helped me come out of my shell. And I can’t say this enough but the girls that you are able to meet on the team are so so nice, I loved getting to hang out with all of them. Even with all of the crazy events this year Olivia worked to get us as many shoots as she could and they all turned out beautifully. I am so happy I was able to experience all of it."



from the team


apply for team TWENTY Two

Yessss, so glad you want to apply for the Olivia Renee Senior Team!

Here is the link to submit your application!

the deadline is november 15 @ 11:59pm!

have questions? seniors@olivia-renee.com